For centuries, masonry has been the best solution for the building. Materials like brick and stone are strong, relatively easy to work with, transportable and readily available. However, the modern world presents new challenges for construction. It also presents new opportunities as more modern materials are created.

Nonetheless, brick, stone and other similar materials may still be the best option for building. The new challenges of today call for more resilient architecture. These are some of the concerns for the future and the benefits of choosing the mason approach.

Storm Resilience

The climate is changing and that is affecting weather patterns. Storms have been growing increasingly violent in recent years and causing more destruction. The right construction practices can help keep people and property safe from inclement weather. Stonework and brickwork tend to better resist impacts from debris caught in the wind.

Fire Resilience

People are living closer together than they used to. This is partly because there are more humans alive today than ever before. Additionally, people are moving to cities as the nature of work changes. Therefore, fire resilient building is essential. Stone and brick are very effective for this, especially compared to wood and synthetic materials.


Stone or brick and mortar are very durable. They can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. That means that buildings built this way will require more minimal maintenance. They also will provide a greater return on investment. After all, a dilapidated building is not going to be worth much to anyone.

Acoustic Insulation

Again, people are closer together than they have been in the past. Wood and drywall construction does not offer a lot of acoustic insulation. While it is possible to add insulation to any building, it makes more sense to choose an inherently insulating building material.

There is no need to add significant materials or finishes to brick or stone to improve their sound isolation properties. These additions often have relatively short lifespans and require more maintenance. Therefore, not only is masonry more insulating and durable, but it also avoids the necessity of high-upkeep building materials.

New building materials are being created every day. However, many of the more modern materials are in short supply and relatively expensive. Other options, such as wood, do not offer the benefits of brick and stone. Therefore, we believe that using these traditional building techniques has a lot to offer even in the modern construction environment.