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About Binz and Mike

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Mike Binz has worked in construction for various construction companies as an estimator. The roles he has carried have moved him in several different locations of the country. Mike has worked in New York City, California, Arizona, Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, New Jersey, and Indiana.
“In recent years the construction market has been volatile, and I have started consulting to be more in control of my future. I have been traveling to Lafayette to build hotels in Lafayette, and consulting for various contractors in the state of Indiana. With a startup company I see myself having the ability to control my future more and work with the people I enjoy the most.”

As a general contractor or general construction firm, we provide all the material, labor, equipment and services needed for project construction. We hire specialized subcontractors to perform all or portions of the construction work or use our own labor force. Binz has vetted our sub base to understand the owner’s needs and ensure safety & quality of our projects.

Construction management refers to the oversight of your construction project from inception through completion

Construction management refers to the oversight of your construction project from inception through completion. While everything our management services do cannot be listed, main components include:

Oversee the master plan
Ensure the acquisition of the proper permits
Initiate the preconstruction and design
Estimate costs and establish budgets
Prepare the schedule
Manage the subcontractors
Communicate with project stakeholders
Liaise with owners
As a construction manager, we partner with the owner while retaining responsibility for almost all aspects of the building process including bid solicitation, job management and accounting. In the end, we see the project all the way through

The roles of construction management and general construction are very similar and sometimes even interchangeable. Often, the only difference is our relationship with project stakeholders. We adapt our skills in both areas to design and build your construction project to your specifications with goals of on-time and on budget completions!